To start using with Banyan, see the steps here.

Go to the Clusters page to configure clusters (which run computation in the cloud).

Go to the Sessions page to view current and past cloud computing sessions.

To to avoid expensive cloud computing sessions, see how to sample your data .


Name Current Status Current Usage Estimated Total Cost Last Used First Created Create/Destroy Delete SSH/EC2 Key Pair S3 Bucket Name

No clusters found. Create a new cluster and you will see it here.

Permanently delete cluster?
This will destroy any running sessions and delete this cluster's configuration from the table. This will also delete the AWS S3 bucket storing logs and other data used by or created with this cluster.

If you want to fully stop the cluster so that you are not charged for running workers but keep the logs or data used by or created with this cluster, destroy the cluster instead of permanently deleting it.
Create cluster?
This will take at least 5-15 minutes.
Destroy cluster?
This will destroy any running sessions. To run new sessions on this cluster you will have to create the cluster again which can take at least 5-15 minutes.

New Cluster


  • us-east-1 (N. Virginia)
  • us-east-2 (Ohio)
  • us-west-1 (N. California)
  • us-west-2 (Oregon) (default)
  • eu-central-1 (Frankfurt)
  • eu-west-2 (London)
  • sa-east-1 (São Paulo)

Optional Permissions


    1x scale

    0 workers

    0 GB



    Name Status Start End Duration # of Workers Output Worker Type Cluster
    1 of ?

    No past sessions found. Start a new session and you will see it here.

    Loading output...

    Account Details

  • Username
  • Organization Name
  • Email
  • User ID
  • Connect to AWS

    To get started with Banyan, you must connect your Banyan account to your AWS account. This lets us manage clusters in your account. Follow the instructions here to connect and start sessions on clusters. Only an admin can connect this Banyan account to an AWS account.


    Manage API keys

    Each member has their own API key. You need your API key to start sessions on your organization's clusters. Use an existing key or generate a new one for greater security. Only an admin may generate a new API key.


    Are you sure you have no sessions running?
    Regenerating your API key will invalidate your current API key. This will make it impossible for any sessions that you started to successfully complete. Sessions started by other members of the organization will not be affected.

    Add Members

    Only admins can view this.

    Username Added # of Workers in Use Remove

    Nobody has been added yet. Add members and you will see them here.

    Are you sure you want to remove this member?
    This will prevent this member from both using the dashboard and starting sessions on clusters.
    Are you sure you want to remove access to a cluster for this member?
    This will prevent this member from starting sessions on a cluster.
    Give this member access to a cluster?
    This will allow this member to start sessions on this cluster.

    Delete Account

    This will permanently delete the entire organization account including clusters and other account details.

    Delete account forever?
    This will permanently delete your account details and all your clusters.

    Billing Management

    Please specify the credit card you would like to use for billing:

    Only admins can view billing details.

  • Organization Name
  • Credit Card for Billing
  • You can change the credit card you would like to use for billing:

    Cost Management

    Date Estimated Total Cost (USD) Budget (USD)

    You have no costs to report here.

    Cost History

    Estimated Banyan Cost (USD) Start End Duration # of Worker-Hours Reason

    You have not yet been billed anything.