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Banyan for Teams

Banyan helps team members share cloud computing resources (clusters) under the same organization. Each Banyan organization account is connected to one AWS account. Members of the organization can run computing sessions that share the same clusters and data in the same AWS account. Each organization has one administrator (admin) and can have an unlimited number of members.


Set up a Team as an Admin

First check around your organization to see if there is already a Banyan account. If there is, you can ask the admin to add you as a member so you can join.

You can create an organization and set up your account as an administrator by signing up here. As an admin, you can configure AWS setup and billing details, add and remove members, and manage permissions to clusters for members.

Follow the instructions in the Getting Started guide to create your organization's Banyan account, connect to AWS, and set up billing.

Add Members as an Admin

Once you have set up your account as an administrator, you can add optionally add members to your organization. Sign into the Banyan dashboard and click on the Account tab. Navigate to the Add Members section. To add a member, provide a username and email address. This email must be different from the email you used to sign up and must be unique across all Banyan users. The newly added member will receive an email at the provided address to set their password.

Join as a Member

To join as a member of an organization, contact the admin of your organization's Banyan account and ask them to add you. Tell them your desired username and email address. The administrator can then add you to the organization, providing a username and an email address. You will receive an email at this email address with a temporary password. Sign into the Banyan Dashboard with the provided username and password. You will be asked to set your password. Then, you can sign in again with your username and newly set password.

To start running computing sessions on clusters, you must first receive access to clusters. Contact the admin of your organization's Banyan account and ask them to give you access to an appropriate cluster.

Manage Cluster Permissions

Administrators of an organization's Banyan account have full access to create, use, and delete any cluster owned by the org. Admins can grant and revoke permissions for members of the organization to created clusters. Members can start and manage sessions on these clusters. You can manage cluster permissions in the Account tab of the dashboard.

Manage Banyan and AWS Accounts

Each Banyan organization account must be connected to a single AWS account. Different Banyan organization accounts may be created for different organizations within a larger organization. Different Banyan organization accounts can be connected to the same or to different AWS accounts.

Manage Costs

To view estimated costs for the current and past months, sign into the Banyan Dashboard and and click on the Finance tab. Navigate to the Cost Management section. On this table, the admin can view the estimated total cost used by the organization in a month. This estimated cost includes the amount charged by AWS and Banyan.

To assign each user a maximum # of workers running at once, click on the Account tab in the Banyan dashboard. Navigate to the Add Members section. Provide a username and a worker budget in the second row of fields. The user must be part of the admin's organization, and the worker budget must be larger than the current number of workers the user is using. The user will not be able to create a new job once the budget has been exceeded.

To set a budget for estimated combined monthly spending on AWS and Banyan, click on the Finance tab in the Banyan dashboard. Navigate to the Cost Management section. Provide a maximum monthly spending cost in the fields. Note that this budget will be exceeded when the total spending by your whole organization is greater than the budget.

To receive email notifications for when the estimated costs exceed the specified monthly budget, click on the Finance tab in the Banyan dashboard. Navigate to the Cost Management section. Click Enable Email Notifications to recieve notifications when the organization has spent more than the cost budget. Notifications can be turned off by returning to this page and clicking Disable Email Notifications.

Note that you must be the admin of the organization to set worker and cost bugets and to enable/disable notifications.