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Permanently delete cluster, its resources, and configuration.

delete_cluster(name=nothing, ...)


This function permanently deletes a cluster. Deletes all resources associated with the cluster. This includes deleting the cluster's S3 bucket and all its contents (including data and session logs) and deleting the saved cluster configuration. If you want to preserve data in the S3 bucket associated with the cluster, please transfer the data before deleting.

After calling this, the cluster will not show up on the dashboard or on get_clusters().

You can alternatively use destroy_cluster(), which will terminate all cluster nodes without deleting the S3 bucket and cluster configuration.

Permanent Deletion

Note that this deletes the Amazon S3 bucket associated with this cluster. You should not delete a cluster if you have other clusters using the same S3 bucket or if you have important data/logs in the S3 bucket that you would like to preserve.

Required Parameters

name (String)

Name of cluster to delete

Example Usage