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The long-term goal of Banyan is to become the platform for sustainable data science. To get there, we need to:

More Integrations

  • Add support for more libraries
    • BanyanFlux.jl (WIP)
    • CUDA.jl
    • banyan-polars (WIP)
    • banyan-numpy
  • Add support for more languages
    • Python (WIP)
    • R
  • Add support for more data sources
    • Data warehouses - Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake
    • Databases - Postgres, MySQL
    • Object stores - Azure Blob Storage, GCP Cloud Storage
  • Add support for more cloud providers
    • GCP
    • Azure

More Features

  • More complete data sampling solution (including sampling data in Dask and Apache Spark)
  • Banyan Processes for data orchestration
  • Banyan Clusterless for massively parallel serverless execution

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

To get ETAs on the above, please reach out to us at or on the Banyan Users Slack.