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Knowledge Base for Sessions

Why is my session taking so long?

Your session may not run if the cluster it is running on is not yet created. A cluster may take 15-20 minutes to create. Once created, the cluster will automatically scale up and down (after 10 minutes of inactivity) as sessions are run. If a session is being run after a period of inactivity (no sessions are being run), it may take at least 10 minutes for the session to start.

Once the session is started, you can use it for computation by running functions in the BanyanArrays.jl and BanyanDataFrames.jl libraries. When the session fails or you manually end it (from the website or with end_session), it is no longer using any resources in the cluster.

A new session can then be started. This will take at least a couple minutes unless there has been a period of inactivity since the session is initially run - then it will take at least 10 minutes to begin running again.